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There’s no need for you to suffer from bugs, pests, and harsh direct sunlight while enjoying the outdoors. An outdoor screen enclosure will solve all these for you. It will also improve your experience of the outdoors. Just ask owners of outdoor screen enclosures and they will tell you that they are spending more time outdoors because of it.

Whether it’s for all-year-round swimming, cooking outdoors, or relaxing on your patio, we can design an outdoor screen enclosure that suits your specific lifestyle and needs. Contact us now for a free consultation with our designers to see how an outdoor screen enclosure will look for your home.

Advantages of Outdoor Screen Enclosures

Screen enclosures do not cost as much as you would expect. When you compare it to a renovation or home addition, an enclosure adds more usable space to your home at a less significant cost per square foot. You also get more use out of the enclosed area for such a small investment.

You can easily add a small screen enclosure to your home by yourself. You can enclose a patio, porch, or lanai using a DIY kit and a few tools. As long as you get the proper measurements and the right kit, you won’t have any problems with its installation.

A screen enclosure adds another layer of security if it’s attached to your home. A porch enclosure will have a lock that can prevent immediate access to your front door. A lanai or a patio enclosure will do the same for your back door. Moreover, pool enclosures can prevent children and pets from falling and drowning in your pool.

Outdoor screen enclosures provide a space where you can enjoy your yard without the things that make it unattractive. It keeps bugs and pests from bothering you and from damaging your outdoor furniture. It protects you from direct sunlight and protects you from getting wet by the rain.

Adding an outdoor screen enclosure to your home will add to its value. It can add up to 70 percent of your investment for the enclosure. In some cases, you might even be able to make up the whole amount you spent on it. And, if you’re in a neighborhood with similar houses for sale, the enclosure offers something unique that makes it stand out among the rest.

All it takes to maintain an enclosure is to rinse it regularly with water with your garden hose. There will be times that brushing it with a soft-bristle brush is necessary to remove stubborn spots. But, these wouldn’t be a rare occurrence with regular rinsing of the enclosure.

A screen enclosure will protect an area from sunlight and rain. It lets you enjoy sunlight without being burnt or the smell of fresh rain without getting wet. And, with a solid roof pool enclosure, you can enjoy your pool all year round with the addition of a pool heater.

Well-designed outdoor enclosures can add appeal to any home. It also lets you create a better look in your enclosed area that would not be possible if it’s left open outdoors. And, if you don’t want anything blocking the view, we can install a panoramic screen for an unobstructed outward view of the outdoors.

You have different options for the mesh screen of your enclosure. The standard mesh screen can block up to 50% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. There are also solar mesh screens and privacy screens that can block up to 60% and 90% of UV light from the sun. 

If your screen enclosure has security features, it can reduce your home insurance premiums. And, these security features do not have to be sophisticated. Insurance providers consider the enclosure’s lockable door added protection against unauthorized access and vandalism to your home.

If you have a pool, you know how much time it takes to clean it. You can’t leave it for later as this can easily lead to algae growth and frogs infesting your pool. With an enclosure, you will not need to clean your pool and the enclosed area as much. Dead leaves, bugs, frogs, and other undesirables are kept out of the enclosure. And, with a solid roof, you will not need to top-up the pool chemical as often.

A screen enclosure gives your home another living area. But, instead of a duplicate of the living room, a screen enclosure is a semi-outdoor space where you can enjoy nature in comfort. Of course, you’re free to use it also as a place for entertaining guests, exercising, and working.

Nobody likes bugs bothering them when they should be relaxing. Screen enclosures will keep out any bug including the notorious no-see-ums. 

Although there’s no such thing as a screen that can completely block a view, a screen enclosure provides significant improvement to your home’s privacy. Even with a standard mesh screen, it can make the interior of your enclosure and home obscured for anyone looking from the outside. Moreover, you can enjoy complete privacy while enjoying the outdoors with the strategic placement of privacy screens and Florida glass.

Why Choose Us?

Licensed and Insured

We are state-licensed contractors. This means we passed everything that the state requires for the protection of our workers and customers. Plus, you do not need to worry about accidents or workplace-related liabilities. Everything will be covered by us and our insurance provider. 

Quality Screen Enclosures

We are committed to providing the best quality from the construction up to the installation of your enclosure. We only use materials that we know will provide the best quality and durability. And, you have the peace of mind that we use the best installation techniques to ensure that your enclosure will stand the test of rough weather and time.

Honest and Dependable

We only use the best techniques for constructing and installing your outdoor enclosure. Here at Outdoor Screen Enclosures, there’s no such thing as cutting corners to save time and costs.


We have been building and installing outdoor screen enclosures for decades. Some of our team have been working with us for as long as we have been in the business. And, all our team members are taught by our more experienced ones before they even handle anything in an installation.

Value for Money

We might not provide the cheapest installation service. But, you have the assurance that you will get the most out of your investment when you work with us.

Quality Service

Our team has the skills and knowledge to provide the best service that you can get. At every stage of the installation, from design up to installation, you will get top-notch work from us. You only need to schedule a free consultation from us to know how good our quality of service is compared to other screen enclosure contractors.


We provide quality services at reasonable prices. We know we’re not the cheapest screen enclosure out there. But, we can live with that since we will never provide cheap quality to any of our customers.

Reasonable Estimate

We provide quality services at reasonable prices. We know we’re not the cheapest screen enclosure out there. But, we can live with that since we will never provide cheap quality to any of our customers.


We’re confident that our enclosures are constructed and installed properly. So, if there are ever manufacturing defects within its useful life, we will cover its repair and replace anything defective. You can contact us for more specific details of our warranty terms.

How to Choose the Right Outdoor Screen Enclosure


Types of Outdoor Screen Materials

You have a variety of options for the screens of your windows or enclosure. Here are the most common and durable screen materials that we recommend to future outdoor enclosure owners.

  • Solar Screens

    Solar screens can block up to 90 percent of the sun's rays. It also has great insulating properties that can prevent heat gain in a screen enclosure. You can use it as a screen or an insulating layer outside your windows.

  • Vinyl-Coated Polyester

    Vinyl-coated polyester screens are easy to install on windows or enclosures. Due to its tear and rip resistance, this is great for enclosures that expect abuse from pets or wildlife. And, with its superior durability, you can expect polyester screens to last up to 20 years before you need to replace them.

  • Aluminum

    Aluminum screens have great durability and an affordable price tag. It can endure harsh heat and UV exposure from sunlight. However, it is not advisable for use in coastal areas since it can corrode from continuous exposure to salty air.

  • Fiberglass

    Fiberglass screens are the most common material used for homes and enclosures. They are affordable and do not dent or unravel easily. But, make no mistake, their affordable price tag does not equate to cheap quality. Unfortunately, fiberglass screens do not handle direct sunlight well. So, it is best to use a more suitable material for the roof of your enclosure.

  • Vinyl-Coated Fiberglass

    Vinyl-coated fiberglass screen endures what a pure fiberglass screen can’t – sunlight exposure. It is resistant to corrosion, alkali, and acid damage. Also, it is easy to cut to size and install to its window frame or enclosure.

Outdoor Screen Enclosure

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