7 Ways to Make Your Screen Enclosure Better


Once you have had your screen enclosure for a while, you will start noticing some things. These things would be some of the quirks of your enclosure that you wish could have been better. It might be how it obstructs your view or the noticeable mesh screen texture. Or, it could be you wish the screen roof gave more shade for your enclosure. In such situations, it’s best to have some modifications or upgrades done by a contractor to your enclosure. Here are some popular options that you might want to consider.

Whether it’s for all-year-round swimming, cooking outdoors, or relaxing on your patio, we can design an outdoor screen enclosure that suits your specific lifestyle and needs. Contact us now for a free consultation with our designers to see how an outdoor screen enclosure will look for your home.

A screen enclosure uses metal or aluminum bars as structural supports. These will be spaced apart according to the strength of the material and the expected load. Traditional screen enclosures will have these supports 7 feet apart from each other. And, if you have a nice view from your enclosure, you have definitely thought before that it would have been better if these were not blocking your view.

This is where a panoramic screen becomes useful. With the use of stronger materials, an enclosure can have fewer pillars without compromising structural integrity. You can have this panoramic view on all sides of the enclosure or just where you want an unobstructed view.

Speaking of unobstructed views, window and enclosure screens can still be noticeable. You can use mesh screens that provide a clear outward view. Examples of this include the UltraVue and the BetterVue screens from Phifer. These are as effective as regular screens in keeping out insects, including No-See-Ums. But, this is not the screen for you if you need your mesh screen to block some sunlight. You can deal with this drawback by installing it in areas that count like areas with the best view.

Solar screens can block a significant amount of heat and UV rays from the sun. This is due to their PVC-coated material and smaller holes in their mesh. These can last as long as a regular mesh screen – 10 to 15 years. Solar screens are available in 80% and 90% variants that indicate how much of the sun they can block. The higher variant has lower visibility and is better used for the roof or when the view of the other side is not a consideration.


You don’t have to take down an existing screen enclosure if you want to upgrade or increase its interior.  Instead, you can add extensions to your enclosure to create the same result. And, you don’t have to use the same design options when adding it. You can have an extension that has a different use from the original. 

For example, if you need more space for cooking in your swimming pool enclosure, you can add an extension next to it. And, instead of a screen roof, it can have solid roofing so you can have a comfortable time cooking outdoors.

Aside from this, you can also install patio extensions for a new pool near the existing enclosure. We can also integrate an extension to an under-truss enclosure like a lanai. You can choose to keep the door as a passageway, remove it to join the two enclosures, or install floor-to-ceiling retractable screens.

If you have an enclosure that has two areas connected, motorized retractable screens will give your enclosure better flexibility of use. You can use this to increase the shade inside without affecting the outer area of the enclosure.

One example of this is a screen roof pool enclosure connected to a solid roof enclosure. When retracted, it can separate the pool area from the roofed enclosure. It still lets the pool have enough sunlight. But, the roofed area blocks out light so it can stay comfortable despite the heat.

Another example is in large pool cages. Most of these would have a smaller structure like a gazebo or a ramada. The retractable screens can create a smaller enclosure inside without the need for a fixed enclosure.

Rainwater and strong winds will always cause problems in your enclosure. This is why you have to protect your enclosure in such situations. Most would use tarps or clear vinyl curtains. But, these do not have a flattering look. And, it takes a lot of work installing these properly to an enclosure. Imagine installing and unrolling it every time you have to prepare for bad weather. 

A better option would be a permanent installation of clear vinyl 4-track windows on the exterior of your screen enclosure. You can remove it easily from the enclosure with its lightweight panels and simple push mechanism. You won’t even need tools in doing so.

Also, you can shift it around to control the airflow going into your enclosure. And, with its floor-to-ceiling application, you can enjoy the view and sunlight in your enclosure for at least three seasons of the year.

If you find that your screen enclosure is too hot or too humid for you to enjoy, an upgrade to a sunroom might just be what you need. It replaces the screen around your enclosure with glass so you have a sunlit space completely sealed from the outside. As it is, you will have access to this naturally lit room for at least three seasons per year. But, if you connect it to your house’s air conditioning and heating, you can comfortably spend time here regardless of the season.

Aside from a semi-outdoor living room, you get a multipurpose room in your home with a sunroom. You can transform it into a breakfast nook, an exercise space, a playroom, a home office, or a greenhouse. And, it doesn’t have to be dedicated to only one purpose. You could make use of your sunroom as you please with any of the mentioned purposes and more. 

Upgrading to a sunroom doesn’t mean that you no longer have the option for natural ventilation. You can still open your windows and doors to let the air in during the warmer months. And, with hidden door screens and retracting window screens, you can still keep bugs and pests out of your sunroom.

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Do You Have an Upgrade in Mind Already?

With this list, you definitely already have thought of an upgrade for your screen enclosure. Stop wondering what it will look like and have us render the new look of your enclosure for you. We can also provide you with a quote for the project. Contact us today and tell us about the upgrade you want.

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