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Different Types of Screen Doors for Your Home and Outdoor Enclosure


Don’t make the mistake of assuming that there’s only one type of screen door. There are, in fact, a variety of them. Each one provides unique features that may make for a better choice for what you need. Read on and find out which screen door is right for your home or your outdoor enclosure.

Hinged Screen Doors

Hinged screen doors are the most common you can find. As their name implies, these screen doors are fixed to a door frame or the trim of an exterior door with a hinge. Most hinged screen doors come with a deadbolt lock for security since they are often used for ventilation with the exterior doors open. Being considered as the standard screen door, you can easily find the style and frame material that you like for your home or enclosure. They also have the most variety in features due to them having the same mechanism as most exterior doors. These are simple to install so you can do the installation yourself within an hour or two.

French Screen Door

Like French doors, French screen doors also come in pairs. These are excellent to pair with your glass-paned French doors so you can let the air in from your backyard during the day. And, you can use French screen doors to add some flair to your enclosure or to have a wider entryway into it.

Sliding Screen Door

Sliding screen doors come in a variety of configurations. There are single and double sliding screen doors that have their doors outside the entryway frame. There are also sliding screen doors that only have one sliding screen panel that slides to one side of a double frame. Most sliding screen doors come with sliding glass doors when used as a door to the patio. You can choose from double sliding screen doors, single sliding screen doors, and single sliding screen door with two glass doors in a double frame. Unlike hinged screen doors, a sliding screen door usually requires custom fabrication. And, even if you already have a sliding door, you will probably have to replace the frame so it can accommodate the sliding screen door. But, despite the need for custom fabrication, there are DIY kits available sized to the specifications that you provide.

Retractable Screen Door

A retractable screen door is a great option if you only want the benefit of cross-ventilation. You don't need to add another door or a dedicated frame since the screen slides in and out from a mechanism installed right by your exterior door frame. These are available in a variety of sizes and can be used with French doors, sliding doors, and tall doors. Homeowners often use this if they don’t want to cover up the beauty and style of their doors. But, these are not suitable for keeping pets or children in and wild animals out.

Pet Screen Door

Pet screen doors are accessories to exterior doors, glass doors, and screen doors. These can be installed on any screen door if it can support a frame for the pet screen door. If you don’t want to have a full-sized screen door, you can have a pet screen door installed on a French door, a sliding door, or a window.

Prime Screen Door

If you want a better-looking door for your enclosure, a prime screen door is your best option. These doors have the typical dimensions for a standard door – 3 feet x 6 feet and 8 inches. These come with a deadbolt and a lockset. You can also choose to have full-view glass or vinyl if you’d prefer another material other than a mesh screen.

Swinging Screen Door

Swinging screen doors open to both sides thanks to its double-acting hinge. These are great for entryways with high traffic in your home. These do not usually have locks since they are only intended to prevent bugs and pests from getting inside. Because of this, this should not be used if you want to use a screen door to keep your kids and pets inside the house.

Storm Screen Door

Storm screen doors protect your exterior door from bad weather. It has a retractable screen that you can roll up or down from the frame when you want ventilation for your interior. Storm screen doors are available in full or half screen. Most of these have a keyed deadbolt for added security to your home.

Pivoting Screen Door

Pivot screen doors rotate on a spindle fixed on the floor and top of the door frame. Unlike hinged screen doors, the spindle can be fixed anywhere in the frame. Thanks to their unique opening mechanism, pivot screen doors have almost no limitations on how big they can be. This creates a variety of design opportunities for screen enclosures like disguising the door to look like it's part of a wall or one of the windows.
Outdoor Screen Enclosure

Let Us Help You Find the Right Screen Door for You

The screen doors mentioned here come in different styles and materials. Make sure that you choose one that not only gives what you need but, also, has the style and material that suits your home. Contact us today to find out the different options we offer that suit your doors, your home, and your patio.

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